Our Mission

Since every human being without Jesus Christ is lost, Jesus Christ has given His Church the Great Commission. Every Christian therefore has a responsibility to be a witness of Jesus Christ as the Saviour and to win people to Christ.

In recognition of this responsibility before God and man, we wish to obey God in accordance with (Romans 12: 1-2) , so that He may change them by His Holy Spirit in such a way that they may fulfil His will in and through their lives.

Since it is God's will that all mankind should be saved, we all wish to serve Him in word and deed with all our gifts, and to witness of the love of God to men. They wish to be at Christ's disposal, so that He may use us also to seek and to save those who are lost.

Since Christ loves all people alike, we also wish to love all people everywhere, regardless of race, class or creed, to help alleviate their needs and sufferings, to pray for them and to serve them, in a spirit of readiness for unity and co-operation with all other Christians.